Hey there, We are Sean and Tanya

We would love to capture your love story for you.  
Whether it is the beginning of your love story with "I do", or welcoming your newest addition. We know how important it is to capture every possible moment, as life goes by so quickly it's always important to stop and take a moment to embrace it!

I like to think it was the luck of the Irish that brought Sean and I together. It was St. Patty's day and we were celebrating appropriately at the closest thing North Bay had to an Irish Pub...the Bull and Quench.  

It was love at first sight! I saw him from across the room in a big blue knitted sweater, and he stole my heart. Oh that silly old sweater - it is still kicking around the house after 19 years. Just thinking about Sean in that sweater brings a smile to my face.

We found out quickly that although we came from different generations (10 years between us) we shared a common interest in Photography.  
I was fresh out of photography college at the age of 20, and Sean had just come back home after 10 years of tree planning out West. 

I was young and filled with big dreams of running my own photography business. 
Sean was a believer and within a short few weeks of meeting, he rented a studio apartment for a photography studio, and made our dreams come true.
19 years later, with lots of life experience we have two beautiful children.  
They are our superheroes and they teach us every day to embrace life. 

Our perfectly imperfect life.

whether it's a lazy Sunday spent in our PJ's or a hike to explore a new spot, we love to be together.

family time

 Especially when they’re made by our daughter. Even though she normally makes it snow with icing sugar.

sweet treats

The sound of our kids giggling as we are tickling them, this is a sound we will never forget. 


it's always playing throughout our house. Whether it's ABBA or Kidz Pop or anything in between. There are many dance parties happening in the kitchen.


favorite things

We are an elopement, wedding and portraits photographer couple. We specialize in capturing classic, timeless and playful moments.

We love the simple elegant portraits; but we thrive on the magical in-between moments.

We will have you dance, jump and play; anything to bring out those beautiful meaningful moments.  

Our photo story


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