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Tanya + Sean

We often get asked about why our clients would want to hire a second photographer?

We thought we’d share a little info about the benefits of having a second shooter.

First, a second photographer gives a different perspective.

Here’s one example, sometimes a ceremony is a short civil  ceremony or other times it can be in a church for an hour or more.  Both are equally important and special and having two photographers means you get more angles and more images.

One photographer (me!) might be in the aisle capturing the “safe shot” while the other is capturing the creative and more candid shots.

In our case, this is Sean. I’m truly amazed when I’m editing the images and I see what he is able to capture for our clients.

These images make our clients’ wedding day especially unique by capturing those sometimes missed,  but oh-so-important candid moments on your special day.

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