The Lodge at Pine Cove – Nicole and Dillon’s Wedding

Tanya + Sean

Yesterday was truly magical. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better location to shoot!   We were in one of my favourite spots, on the French River.

We were at the Lodge at Pine cove.  Nicole and Dillon were married on the beach with a beautiful ceremony.  After 18 years of photographing weddings this was a first for me, the couple locked their engraved locks 🔐 to the tree of life and threw the keys into the water.  It was so beautiful!

Only their parents attended this beautiful ceremony.  There is something oh so special about Intimate weddings.With a small group we were able to spend our time together capturing so many photos, so I’m having a hard time only sharing a few, so I will be sharing them throughout the page.

We finished off the session with a boat ride to the couple’s Cottage where they convinced Nicole to get an canoe for a few photos.  I just love how they turned out!

Thanks again for letting me catch this special moment for the two of you, I know we only met yesterday and spent a few hours together, but I had such a great time, you guys are such a wonderful couple and I had so much fun photographing your special day!

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