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Oh engagement sessions… I love thee!!!


I encourage all of my wedding couples to get engagement photos and this is why we have them tied into most of our wedding packages.  

Not only is an engagement session an amazing way for me to get to know the couple…. but it’s also great practice for the wedding day!  This way our clients can get comfortable working with us, and on the wedding day we can be more like friends which makes for more relaxed and comfortable wedding photos. 

We get questions all the time about engagement sessions, so I wanted to share with you some tips on how to prepare for your engagement session that we have found useful.

Preparing for your session with us:

1. We want your session to have it’s own feel, so that it speaks volumes about your relationship, no two couples are the same!

So ask yourself these questions:

– What are a few things you like to do together?

– What fits with your personality?

– What location is special to you?  Is it a coffee shop, walking trails, water?  Pick a location that is your favourite spot to be together, or that has a special meaning.

2. During the session we want you to feel your best, but also comfortable.

– These images will possibly be used at your wedding or invitation, so treat yourself to a nice outfit or even two…

Make sure your outfits work together but don’t match.  You can also get your hair and makeup done (also a good chance to get to know your hair and make-up team for the wedding).

3. Location and Time is very important:

– Light is key to your session so I always suggest sunset or even sunrise if you are a morning person. This will give you the perfect light at your special location you have chosen.

4. Treat it as a date.

– You are all dressed up so why not have fun and do something as a couple before or after?  Dinner, movie, mini-golf, this way you will feel relaxed and excited for your session.

5.  Bring a few props if you’d like.

– This couple was having a Star Wars themed wedding so they brought a couple light sabers to add some fun to the session.

Some couples like to bring their furry friend along!  It’s always nice to have them as a part of the session, although I would suggest having a family member or friend take him home so you finish your session without worry.

6. Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY….Have fun!

We will have you laughing , dancing, kissing and more. The more fun you’re having, the more natural the images will be.
After walking away from the session we want you to reflect on this day as a fun filled date.
We hope some of these tips will help you decide why you should have an engagement session and help you prepare for it!

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