North Bay Wedding Photographer – Wedding Reveal

Tanya + Sean

Have you ever thought about doing a reveal at your wedding and thought it wasn’t for you?

Or do you worry that doing a reveal will not capture that first look walking down the aisle?

The pros to a reveal is that it is an amazing time that you get to have alone with each other.  You don’t have your family and friends watching in anticipation, you don’t have to worry about saying your vows or remembering what to do at the beginning of the ceremony. You just get to be soaking in that moment with each other. It is a brief moment before the whirlwind where it is just the two of you.

There is so much emotion running through you as you see each other for the first time; there are smiles and tears, joy and laughter, things that may not always get captured the same way as you’re walking at the aisle.

I love capturing reveals for couples and I highly recommend them when meeting with clients.   The moment is different with every couple, whether it’s tears of joy or absolute awe.

When you’re doing your reveal you can also incorporate saying a few vows to each
other privately, or share a private joke, or exchange a special gift. All of these are candid casual moments that you have with each other, and we love to photograph them for you.

So would you do a reveal? Did you do one and love it?  What made it special or different?

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