Northern Ontario Wedding Photographer – The exit toss… How much fun you can have!!!

Tanya + Sean
There are so many different trends on how to celebrate a couple as they walk up the aisle.  The exit toss…it goes back centuries and most commonly is the throwing of rice.
Ancient Romans would shower a newly married couple with wheat. Did you know what it symbolized?  Fertility.

I have seen so many trends over my years of photographing weddings, bubbles was one that was fun to shoot. As we move into 2021, with pinterest and social media, there are so many creative ideas to choose from.  Flower petals are a great way to add colours to your images as you can see in this photo. 

You could do dried lavender or even bird seed.  Of course if you are worried about getting things stuck in your hair, you could have guests ring bells or wave a cute custom flag. When you have your guests get involved as you walk up the aisle, it can make for some wonderful candid photos.

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