Northern Ontario Wedding Photographer – Capturing every important detail

Tanya + Sean

Capturing every important detail.

The little details are important to you on your wedding day. You have personally picked each one; from your shoes to your hairpiece and everything in between. You don’t want those few details to be overlooked. When Sean and I first arrive, we always tell our clients to have their special details put aside so that we can start with photographing those.

We always do the traditional images, whether it is the dress hanging up in a window or a tree. All of these details give each wedding a special element and depth that we don’t want to miss.

For example the ring shot doesn’t just have to be just the ring, we like to try to incorporate some of the style and personality of the wedding when we do this sort of shot, and we make sure to capture it throughout the different moments in the day.   During your ceremony we capture so many special moments of just the ring. From the blessing of the rings, to it being slipped on each other’s fingers. Sean always does an amazing job of capturing the perfect shot for clients; they are amazing and some of my favourite images.

Another way we showcase the ring is during your portrait session, whether it’s how you guys hold each others hands, or your hands through his hair.  These photos are going to have much more meaning, than just the ring by itself.

These ways of captioning details are something we strive to deliver to you on your day.
Having two photographers ensures we don’t miss a single detail.


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